Vision, Mission, Values, Goals


(Different, but) South African at Heart


Nurturing and fostering understanding and cooperation between different community leaders.


  • Community-based: Community Leaders hold key roles in decision-making
  • Grassroots: New initiatives and actions from bottom-up based on community needs
  • Synergy: Xaveri SA creates synergy between projects and partners through shared resources and knowledge
  • Utilise rights-based and strengths-based approaches
  • Contribute to evidence-based good practices
  • Plan for sustainability, with clear entry and exit strategies

Our Goals

  • To deepen a culture of participation, dialogue, debate and discussion amongst communities.
  • To be a proud and patriotic citizenship.
  • To be a citizen that is self-aware, socially aware and morally enlightened. A citizens connected by his/her active pursuit of common values.
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