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Theory of change

We believe that if we provide communities with relevant tools, skills training and initial support (Opportunities to practice leadership) to tackle their specific development issues. They will become agents of change and contributors to a healthy, thriving community.

Formula For Change

Personal Transformation

System Change

Community Development


This formula for change maintains that healthy, involved people can influence policy and
ultimately create healthier, safer, and economically robust communities. It recognizes that
communities are inherently resilient and that risk can be reduced with the right set of support
services and opportunities.

LAtest updates

IT's time, change our community

Whole of Community Change begins with extensive community engagement, the identification of core community values and the creation of a community owned vision and blueprint.

Helping Communities

As one of the nation’s leading food producers, we are especially well-positioned to contribute to …

Shelter for homeless

The number of people facing housing insecurity, already on the rise, began to climb more steeply as …


XAVERI members includes NGOs both small and large, faith-based and secular. As part of the largest South Afrian. Based coalition of international NGOs, members enjoy a number of benefits and services. All are held to comprehensive standards in their work.

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