Xaveri SA was Founded in 2007 by refugees who fled wars in the great-lakes region and sought refuge in South Africa. The war in the great-lakes region destroyed many lives and created deep tensions between the country’s ethnic groups.

Xaveri SA’s initial response was to reduce tensions in the refugees from there  by working within their communities in pursuit of peace through developmental and educational programs that also spilled over into the wider South African communities.

In September 2010 Xaveri SA launched its first Peace Education Outreach Program whose mission was  to facilitate the healing of communities and the reintegration of refugees, and to empower refugee youth by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become agents of change and beacons of hope in their communities.

Management Team

Xaveri is managed by a committed and active management team. Diverse in representation, we seek variety in NGO size, geographic representation, a mix of faith-based and secular organizations, CEO gender, a balance of new and returning board members, and experience.

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